Letters to the Editor Feb. 2

An impressive expression of democracy

I was one of the people who went to Washington, DC on Saturday, January 21 for the Women’s March. Here is what impressed me: 

Everyone was so polite: thanking the National Guard, courtesy patrols and DC police, who stood at various spots along the access route, helping us on our way to the rally. They were very gracious and thanked us for coming. Residents along the streets thanked us and we greeted them. At the rally itself, I saw no presence of police. A woman with a bullhorn suddenly appeared behind me alerting the crowd that there was a medical emergency. A few seconds later, a doctor came out of the crowd to help and a crisis was averted.  

I have been to many rallies over the years, and I think this one was among the most powerful—so many people peacefully expressing their concerns about health care, human rights, climate change, war and peace. People took the trouble to go to this event because they care about their country and the world, and understand that to have a functioning democracy, one must participate in it. I hope they continue this participation after they return to their hometowns.  

Katharine Dodge  
Lake Ariel  PA 


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