Letters to the editor, election edition

Re-elect Nancy Buck

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Sullivan County Treasurer Nancy Buck for the past 17 years, and I am very pleased to offer her my full endorsement as she seeks re-election on November 7. Nancy has proven herself to be one of the most outstanding and well-respected finance officers in the entire state. As a former president of the New York State County Treasurers and Finance Officers Association, I can personally assure the taxpayers of Sullivan County that Nancy’s solid commitment to fiscal responsibility and her many contributions to that association have meant that she is dedicated to employing the very latest in financial best practices as your county’s chief financial officer.

Under Nancy’s expert guidance, Sullivan County has regularly been awarded the prestigious GFOA “Excellence in Financial Reporting” certificate, and her leadership in developing the county’s investment policy, debt management policy, and fund balance policy are further evidence of Nancy’s commitment to managing taxpayer funds in the most professional and expert manner possible. She is recognized throughout the state for her strong leadership and wide-ranging financial expertise. She serves with distinction on the Women’s Leadership Council of the New York State Association of Counties, and on several other respected boards and committees.

We need Nancy Buck to continue watching out for Sullivan County taxpayers and standing firmly by the principles of full disclosure and transparency when it comes to public funds. I would respectfully encourage the readers of The River Reporter to cast their vote for Nancy Buck to be re-elected as your county treasurer on November 7.

William E. Cherry

Schoharie County Treasurer

Cobleskill, NY

Vote for Komatz

In the current race for Sullivan County Treasurer, one candidate stands out as the most logical choice for this position. As you have heard him say, “There has not been an accountant in the Sullivan County Treasurer’s seat in more than 30 years.” These are not originally his words, but facts which have been determined through research. 

What is the importance of this issue? Accounting is an exact science requiring years of education and experience. With the opening of Adelaar, the new casino and the new jail, the transactions related to these entities and the other aspects of this important position require the knowledge possessed by David G. Komatz. David has obtained a BS in accounting, an MBA in forensic accounting and a graduate certificate in criminal justice. 

David has been working as a professional accountant for over 45 years, has held management positions for 30 of those years and has also been a fraud-prevention trainer for 10 years. He has worked for businesses with revenue ranging from several million to several billion dollars. David has been an associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) since 2014 and is a member of their advisory council. The ACFE is the premier organization created to detect, prevent and deter fraud. All of these credentials qualify him as the best candidate for the position of treasurer. It is time to get an accountant and a Democrat back into the treasurer’s seat. Vote for David, Democrat Row A on November 7.

Austin-Michael Komatz

Monticello, NY

[Austin-Michael Komatz is David Komatz’s son and campaign manager.]

Endorsing Hendrickson and Ryder

This November is a very important election for the Town of Bethel. As Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor, we encourage all voters to remember to vote for current town board members Lillian Hendrickson and Dawn Ryder.

A lot has been accomplished in the last four years in the time they have been in office. Whether it be keeping taxes down and always under the tax cap, getting numerous grants from New York State, or winning the $100,000 dollar Golden Feather Award last year. We also have healthy fund balances and a great credit rating. We have a good record of taking care of our residents, our employees and protecting our environment.

In the highway department, equipment is being purchased and updated without hurting the budget, and roads are being paved well. Sand is being mined, which saves lots of money, and we now have a great working relationship with our highway superintendent and highway employees. Good things are happening with your current town board. We have new exercise equipment at the Forest Reserve at Smallwood, we upgraded the basketball courts and added a pickel-ball court and new playground equipment for our youth, all using grant funds, which helped our taxpayers. We helped formed the Bethel Council of the Arts, the Bethel 50th Anniversary Woodstock Committee, and still have an active green committee, which helps keep our town eco- friendly.

Most importantly, we work together, and your board members fight for all Bethel residents every day, and they have represented you well. If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Re-elect Lillian Hendrickson and Dawn Ryder and keep the town moving in the right direction.

Daniel Sturm, Town of Bethel Supervisor

Vicky Simpson, Town of Bethel Deputy Supervisor

ConCon con?

As of this moment I disagree with The River Reporter editorial calling for a “yes” vote on whether to have a constitutional convention in New York State. The New York Civil Liberties Union warns of a ConCon con. They say vote “no.”

I’ve heard the very good arguments from experts on both sides of the issue. I would like to see rights and reforms expanded in New York. But I am afraid that the times we live in are not ripe for a positive outcome given the general failure of the electorate to inform themselves and the blurring of the line between fact and fiction in the media.

Even though TRR has done its job publicizing the convention vote, the convention issue has only recently appeared on the radar for most folks. No one seems to be aware of the vote. I have not noted a single conversation about it among my friends. I haven’t seen it on popular news reports or in letters to the editor. The argument that a “people’s convention” will bring about needed reforms doesn’t make sense given the sad chaos of the last election. I worry that gerrymandered districts will elect a poisonously partisan slate of delegates. I worry that the wealthy special interested will skew the convention toward expanding their power and will fool the common people, with a few goodies, into going along for the ride. I worry that the Mercers and the Russians will work their meddlesome magic. I worry most that the votes take place entirely in off-year elections when only a small fraction ever bother to vote.

I know it sounds like I don’t trust the voters to educate themselves and make informed judgments. Well, given recent history, why should I? I plan to vote “no.”

Allan Rubin

Cochecton, NY


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