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In this dismal election season, there are a few bright spots on the political horizon. We have the opportunity to elect two political newcomers who are determined to restore balance and fair play to our political process.

In the congressional race, John Faso faces off against Zephyr Teachout. Faso served 15 years in the state Assembly before losing bids for statewide office in 2002 and again 2006. But Mr. Faso didn’t suffer in defeat. He became a lobbyist—another politician passing through the proverbial revolving door. 

His opponent, Zephyr Teachout, is both a teacher and a student of the American political process. She understands the high principals that shaped our democratic institutions and the corrosive influences that threaten to undermine them. If Teachout is elected to Congress, she will be in the forefront of renewed efforts to take big money out of politics.   

The State Senate race is also a study in contrasts. Incumbent John Bonacic has been in Albany for 26 years. While he’s seldom had to face an opponent at the ballot box, he’s managed to amass $750,000 in campaign contributions. A lot of that money came from corporations with business before the state. 

His opponent, Pramilla Malick, is an outspoken opponent of pay-to-play politics and would work to prohibit campaign contributions from corporations seeking state permits and contracts.    
The way I figure it, we already have enough lobbyists in Washington, and too many pay-to-play politicians in Albany. I’m voting for Zephyr Teachout and Pramilla Malick on November 8.

Bruce Ferguson
Callicoon Center, NY


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