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Fritz Mayer’s report [February 6, 2019] on the Sullivan County meeting held by Rep. Delgado contains the assertion that “…constituents could ask whatever questions they wanted, in stark contrast to former Congressman John Faso, who held limited meetings with constituents, and required that questions be cleared in advance.”

In fact, during the two years I was in office, I held more than 1,000 meetings with constituents and constituent groups, in Washington and around our district. I had many such meetings in Sullivan County concerning local, state and national issues, as well as individual constituent casework matters and matters brought to my attention by local government officials, nonprofits and business leaders. Further, I have never “required that questions be cleared in advance.”

Mr. Mayer’s report should be placed in the “fake news” file.

John J. Faso [former NY Representative]

Kinderhook, NY

Editor’s response: After a vote on abandoning Obamacare, an article in Roll Call (tinyurl.com/yxpappmm) said Faso attempted to avoid criticism by arranging a meeting with seniors “capped at 100 attendees who had to sign up and submit questions ahead of time.” For more about Faso trying to avoid contact with some of his constituents read this article in The Daily Freeman (www.tinyurl.com/y4dzzrc5) or this one in The River Reporter (www.tinyurl.com/y4slc4l7).


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