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A New Year’s message

For some, the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new is an opportunity to take stock, make intentions and send good wishes to others. In the spirit of those well wishes, here are some forward-thinking messages from the staff at The River Reporter.


Some have lofty thoughts.

Let there be peace in our hearts and in the hearts of others. When we speak let us be heard. When we listen, may we understand the other from their perspective. In the year ahead, may we communicate that which is precious and true.

— Laurie Stuart, publisher


Some are more down to earth.

May your life be filled with peace, love and happiness in 2019. I appreciate our readers, advertisers and all who support the paper.  And when I call, just say yes!

— Eileen Hennessy, advertising

Some have goals in mind.

Wishing you a peaceful and healthy New Year. Thank you for your support. May this New Year bring happiness, prosperity and great achievements.

— Barbara Winfield, advertising


Some speak to passion.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year and tight lines from the author of Lure of the Week. Get out there in 2019 and make your own fish-tales on the Delaware or a local lake, in a boat or with our kids on the shore. A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office. Tails up!

— Hunter Hill, editorial assistant

Some are humorous.

Stay warm through the holidays. If anyone needs any coal, Santa dropped a couple of tons in my yard. If the coal doesn’t work, there’s always the liquid alternative... Happy Holidays and New Year. Explore your outdoors and remember to take pictures.

— Amanda Reed, graphic designer


Some are reflective.

If country life has taught me anything, it’s that being an active member of the community is truly the greatest gift of all. In my humble opinion.

— Jonathan Fox, culture and arts columnist


Some make points about larger issues.

Wishing everyone fair skies and unextreme weather (according to several sites, unextreme is a word.)

— Fritz Mayer, editor-in-chief


And some speak to connection and community.

Here’s to reaching more TRR readers, and those who don’t read us—maybe even those who don’t like reading at all. Here’s to change, patience and community in the New Year.

— Elizabeth Lepro, managing editor


All speak to the unique expression of all of our lives.

All best in the New Year,

The staff of The River Reporter



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