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Letters to the Editor 7/19/18

Democrats: a venerable history

Democrats have created a large number of important programs that have immensely improved life in America.

Thank you, Dems, for creating Social Security—a program that erased widespread poverty among the elderly. How many Republicans in Congress supported the creation of Social Security? A few. Look it up.

Thank you, Dems, for creating Medicare and Medicaid. I appreciate the benefits I get from Medicare and am grateful that my fellow Americans who struggle financially are able to get health care through Medicaid. Did Republicans support these programs? A few did. Look it up.

Thank you, Dems, for creating “Obamacare.” Now Americans can obtain health care despite pre-existing conditions. It makes a stronger, better country when people are healthy—not sick and suffering and unable to work! Did the Republicans support this worthy effort? Not at all! They voted unanimously against it over 60 times. They love voting against it.

Thank you, Dems, for consistently supporting a clean environment. Do Republicans support that? Mostly Republicans prefer to help corporations pollute rather than clean up the environment. The five-day-work-week, child-labor laws, free public education, consumer protection, food and drug regulations, workplace safety, anti-discrimination laws—these came largely from the Dems and from the unions who fought hard to win these rights.

Thanks, Dems, for consistently supporting unions. Do Republicans support unions? No. Mostly they try to shut them down or impede their efforts. Did you know that unions created the unprecedented prosperity that Americans benefit from today? They insisted on decent wages and that allowed Americans to buy cars and computers, take vacations and enjoy life, creating the incredibly strong American economy we experience today.

There’s more—much more, but the list is too long for this space. Bottom line: Vote for Dems. They make a better America, and kick the Pubs out. Despite what they say, they’re really not on your side. Look it up. Know the history. Vote your real interests.

Joan Rosenfelt

Pond Eddy, NY


Rocky’s Refuge does a great service

We recently had an abundance of cats in Swan Lake, NY, and had difficulty getting help until we reached out to Rocky’s Refuge. Virginia immediately made arrangements to have the cats trapped, neutered and spayed and either adopted or returned them to the location they came from. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Nebzydoski, the animals are taken care of at a very reduced rate.

I can’t say enough about this organization, and if you want to make a donation to an organization that spends all of its money on the animals, this is the place to donate to. Your donation is tax deductible. Middletown pays $25 towards the cost of each spay and neuter. It would be wonderful if Sullivan County could do the same.

They also run a seasonal flea market on Saturdays at 185 Lake St. in Liberty, and if you have items to donate, it’s certainly a worthwhile cause. For more information, Virginia can be reached at 607/498-5445 or at rockysref We are extremely grateful for their help.

Nancy Levine

Swan Lake, NY


The 19th Congressional District election and race

Democratic delegate Anthony Delgado’s experience as a African-American is now being made a target of Republican PAC money. Republicans are widely distributing ads about the lyrics in his rap songs, lyrics that portray how it is to be black in America. As an American, I feel the oppressive weight and injustice of our history on the democratic and civil rights of African-Americans. This is now a centerpiece of the District 19 election. So be it. Let us each personally look at what it means for each of us as an American to have race interjected into the election of our next Congressman. Is Delgado to be banished for expressing in his music what his experience as an African American has been? Or should we see this as a part of what it is to be an American and celebrate someone who despite injustice to his race has nonetheless been passionate about being an American, living the dream and is willing to serve.

Susan Staples

Stone Ridge, NY


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