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Letters to the Editor 10/11/18

Annie Rabbitt’s extremist views

State senate candidate Annie Rabbitt didn’t accomplish much during her 10 years in the legislature. She never wrote a bill that became law, but she did compile a voting record that many people will find disturbing. Women who want to make important medical decisions without government interference will be alarmed by what they see.

Rabbitt is an extremist when it comes to reproductive rights. She doesn’t believe a woman should be permitted to terminate her pregnancy even if it’s the result of rape or threatens her own life. In 2012, she sponsored a bill based on a Mississippi law that treats doctors as criminals if they don’t force women to undergo unnecessary and invasive medical procedures before having an abortion. Fortunately, Rabbitt’s bill found almost no support in the legislature and never became law.

Faced with the real possibility that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, women and healthcare professionals are working hard to protect reproductive rights at the state level. Rabbitt’s opponent, Jen Metzger, strongly supports the Reproductive Health Act, which would do just that. Not Rabbitt. She would prefer to impose Mississippi values on New York State.

Bruce Ferguson

Callicoon Center, NY


A vote for John Fetterman

Here in PA, this November, John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock, PA is running for lieutenant governor on Gov. Tom Wolf’s reelection ticket. There is a long list of reasons to reelect Gov. Wolf, but surely John Fetterman’s election as his Lieutenant Governor is up at the top of that list.

Big John is noted for a physically large frame, but more to the point, he also possesses a very big heart. In 2001, John first served the people of Braddock as an AmeriCorps volunteer, both as a community activist and an educator. In subsequent years, he was elected and repeatedly reelected as Braddock’s mayor. John has successfully struggled to reinvigorate that long forgotten and abandoned rural community. Through his personal involvement in education, fighting hunger, job programs and economic stimulation, John has been instrumental in pushing the community of Braddock well back onto the road to prosperity. Endorsed by Bernie Sanders in this election, John seeks the larger statewide stage to help do the same for all Pennsylvanians.

John is an independent-thinking progressive activist who has devoted a large portion of his adult life to the rural people of PA and the critical issues of their lives. All of which brings us to the citizens of Wayne County as well as those of much of northeast PA.

In advocating for John’s election as lieutenant governor, I urge you to recognize this man’s demonstrated commitment to those of us who reside far from the bounds of the big cities of Pennsylvania. John will be a strong advocate for rural folks and their interests in health care, jobs, farm aid, social security and more. Without strong advocacy, these issues and all of us can be easily overlooked amidst the Harrisburg hoopla. On November 6, a vote for John Fetterman will be a vote to protect the rights and interests of rural Pennsylvanians. Make it so.

John Pace

Wayne County 4 Action

Honesdale, PA


Why our government is broken

The heated debate over confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is evidence that our system is broken. Who broke it?

At one point in time, nominees to the Supreme Court were supposed to be confirmed by 60 votes in the Senate. This rule was to ensure that a majority of the country, as represented by Senators, would agree on the qualifications of the nominee. Since the GOP changed that rule, only 51 senatorial votes are now needed to confirm a nominee to the Supreme Court. The result? Our country has been thrown into turmoil fighting over this issue.  

Amendments to the Constitution require two-thirds of the states’ approval.  To override a presidential veto requires two-thirds of Congress. Why does the GOP think that a Supreme Court judge should be confirmed by a simple majority, rather than by 60 Senators? 

GOP rhetoric about “following the Constitution” has gone out the window. The GOP has created such bitter rivalries within our government that our system has become essentially broken. We have the GOP and only the GOP to thank for the current debacle.

Nancy Schoenleber

Milford, PA


No longer a Republican

I was having breakfast with a friend and she said “I am a Republican.” 

For many years I have known my friend as a caring person, so I asked her: “Do you believe in separating children from immigrant parents who are seeking asylum?” She said no. 

I asked her “Do you think it is right to take away healthcare coverage from people with pre-existing conditions?” She said no. 

I asked her: “Should we let the coal industry loose so they do not have to follow regulations that prevents polluting our air and water?” She said no. 

I told my friend: “I am afraid the Republican Party that you used to know has morphed into a very different party. Based on your values, you are not a Republican.” 

It matters not whether my friend calls herself a Republican or not. I know she does not adhere to the Republican agenda of 2018, and is therefore not a Republican.

Jerry Weinstock

Milford, PA


Guns and the election

November 6 is fast approaching, so if you are one of the huge majority of Americans, including those in the 19th Congressional District of New York, who support commonsense gun-control legislation, you simply must get out to vote for Antonio Delgado for Congress. He supports the thousands of people in Upstate New York who safely use guns for hunting and sport, but categorically opposes the use of semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines except for those in the military or those who need them for their work. Delgado totally rejects the nonsensical Trumpian idea, strongly opposed by law enforcement professionals, of using Federal funding to train and arm teachers and staff to challenge potential classroom killers. Instead, he wants funds to go towards mental health programs and drug and violence prevention services.

Mr. Faso, like his GOP colleagues in the White House and the Congress, has learned nothing from the regular massacres that have jolted the USA like no other nation in the world. He and they continue to hold to the traditional Republican view that guns have had little or no role in these disasters, even opposing controls on semi-automatic weapons. Mr. Faso should not be reelected, but there is a ballot fact that could help him. Two minor party candidates with perfectly acceptable views on gun control are also running for Congress from the 19th District. They cannot win election, but a vote for them translates directly into a vote for Mr. Faso. If we want rational gun measures to be passed in the next Congress, it can only happen by voting for Antonio Delgado.

Ed Kornbluh

Stuyvesant, NY


Jen Metzger, a refreshing candidate

Jen Metzger is among the more refreshing people running for office these days, in her case NY State Senate, her work and interests covering something for everyone. She has pushed for, and implemented(!), energy savings measures for local municipalities, saving them money and, at the same time, saving money for you and me, and tapping into more sustainable  energy sources than coal and oil.

Jen is pushing for more equitable school funding, which would not only improve education but also, again save money for you and me with lowered property taxes.

And keep an eye out for more affordable health care if Jen is elected to the State Senate.

Jen Metzger has the vision, the experience (15 years in various roles of Rosendale town government), and the energy to improve our lives. As important, she has shown the rare quality of being able to work with opposing factions, not for political gain, but for progress.

I will be voting for Jen Metzger for NY State Senate this year on November 6.

Lee Reich

New Paltz, NY


Faso's dismal record on women

Representative John Faso doesn’t seem to care about women. He certainly does not want to protect or preserve their healthcare, reproductive or economic rights.

He has a dismal voting record on women’s issues. Faso wants Roe v Wade repealed, and has repeatedly voted against legislation that could help women. Faso made a promise in public to Andrea Mitchell to protect coverage for her disabling and debilitating pre-existing conditions—and then a few months later, without shame, voted to break that promise by voting to repeal Obamacare.

Faso has voted against rape crisis centers, women’s pay equality, saving obamacare, anti-stalking legislation, prenatal health care, women’s preventive care, women’s disability income protection, and Planned Parenthood. He was a no show at a Women’s Town Hall about Violence Against Women.

On every single woman’s issue, Faso has been, irresponsible. He lacks initiative and strength of character. He simply does not care. Women have been treated poorly and are not well served by Faso. Hopefully they will show their discontent with him in the voting booth, letting him know how feckless he is by voting him out of office.

The women of CD19 deserve a representative here who will listen to them and a representative in Washington who will work for them. Informed women who know the issues & platforms much prefer Antonio Delgado who clearly, passionately and intelligently supports these women’s issues.

Robert Lidsky

Andes, NY 


Action Together endorsements

Action Together NEPA is a grassroots, non-partisan, progressive organization committed to fostering community engagement and advocating for policies that improve the lives of the middle and working classes. In the past two years, we’ve lobbied lawmakers and organized rallies to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions and chronic illnesses don’t lose their access to affordable healthcare. We’ve opposed the massive GOP tax cut that gave the lion’s share of benefits to corporations and the wealthy. And we’ve fought against cruel and discriminatory policies like family separations at the southern border. Now, as we approach the 2018 midterm elections, we have endorsed a slate of candidates who share our values and goals and who are committed to legislating positive change for our communities. We have met many of these candidates personally and can vouch for their commitment to fight for our rights and well-being. In this critical election, please join us in voting for these candidates who will work for us.

Tom Wolf and John Fetterman - PA Governor and PA Lieutenant Governor

Bob Casey - Candidate for the U.S. Senate

Matt Cartwright - Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 8

Jay Sweeney - Candidate for PA Senate, District 20

John Blake - Candidate for PA Senate, District 22

Sarah Donnelly - Candidate for PA House of Representatives, District 107

Ed Sanders III - Candidate for PA House of Representatives, District 109

Rebecca Kinney - Candidate for PA House of Representatives, District 111

Kyle Mullins - Candidate for PA House of Representatives, District 112

Mike Carroll - Candidate for PA House of Representatives, District 118

Eddie Day Pashinski - Candidate for PA House of Representatives, District 121


Alisha Hoffman-Mirilovich

President, Action Together NEPA


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