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Relentless spring

Relentless spring, we are joyful in your persistence as you battled for your time on earth over dreaded winter. You arrived early, over a month ago. The arctic beast still had its claws in deep, refusing to yield. Still you marched on against the interminable Old Man Winter.

Relentless spring, as the sun comes to your aid your flowers begin to spear through the wintery crust. Each blade of grass grows stronger, taller, greener, marching back the snow, melting its cold heart. Taking with it its shivery frost, until finally all that will remain is the water of life.

Here in the Upper Delaware Valley we thought the cold would never end. Day after day the skies were grey, sending flurries to remind us it was not done with us. Old Man Winter and his sick sense of humor had his way with us this year for sure. In what seems like a continent away, the lowlands of the Hudson Valley told a different tale. Peering through the slits of our eyes on the morning train we began to see flashes of color. What world had we been transported to? Here in this land were greens of daffodil and crocus, yellows of forsythia, spots of pink from flowering cherry trees. Here, robins were everywhere in a tug of war, pulling worms from the ground. All manner of birds hopped from branch to branch, dancing in delight. Small woodland creatures scurried about to replenish their dens from the long harsh season.

Our only bridge to this land is literally a bridge, the Moodna Viaduct. This iron railroad trestle stands high over the trees below, spanning the creek and the valley below. It sits in the north end of the Schunemunk Mountains; you first cross it after leaving the Salisbury Mill- Cornwall Metro-North station. Growing to an impossible 193 feet and 3,200 feet across, this is the highest and longest railroad bridge east of the Mississippi River. From our lofted perch we can spy like an eagle the buds on the tops of the trees beginning to form. Initially black, they will turn slowly red with the warmth of the sun. This is one of the wonderful signs that the relentless spring is finally winning the war.

Nature’s clock is an amazing thing to observe as we travel one more year around our source of light, the sun. In the days to come it will warm our faces, bringing life back to our senses. In the quiet of our memories we can close our eyes to hear our sounds from warmer times past. Memories of children laughing, playing, a firefly on a warm summer night, camping under the stars, marshmallows on an open fire. Sounds of surf and cool ocean breezes will bring a smile to our faces again. Lazy days spent under a tree during a hot afternoon by the old fishing hole. Spending quality time with family and friends on a stoop, a porch, deck, or just a blanket, smelling fresh-cut grass.

Relentless spring, for now we will wait and watch as you march on to the next season, building layer upon layer of life as you go. A life we can only enjoy because of your true, unabating, incessant, unfaltering, tenacious self. Oh spring, we welcome you back with open arms. Nice to see you again.


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