This is one for the birds

Ah, spring has sprung, and the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, days are longer and every morning we awake to the songs of the birds. At approximately 6 o’clock each morning we hear a banging at our upstairs window; if the song birds didn’t wake you up this certainly will. It seems the urge to protect a nest is very strong for this one particular red-breasted robin we have named Thor. Thor is putting the hammer down at his own reflection in the window, thinking it’s another bird about to attack the nest. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to see what is going on and had some suggestions as to how to stop it. I chose the idea of printing out a picture of Garfield with his mouth open and placed it on the window. I felt for sure this would stop Thor.

Nope, being named after the superhero he is, Thor became more persistent. I have tried a few more suggestions on how to kill the reflection, but to no avail. So as of today, Thor bangs away at his own reflection until the sun comes into the window and takes care of the problem. Thor then returns to his nest only to return in the evening, again just before dusk. Even our dog has stopped barking at the noise. Seems we all have become accustomed to Thor by now.

Sparrows are also in abundance and wind up in the most peculiar places. The train pulls into the Port Jervis station and then sits for about 15 minutes as the conductors greet the passengers. One morning, I was joined in the train car by a visitor who had let its curiosity get the better of it. Flying in through the open door just before we departed, this sparrow found a comfortable seat in the overhead rack. As the train departed, it did not move except to look around at its new surroundings. It was a cute little thing, and I knew that the mayhem that would ensue as the car filled with people would be worth skipping my nap.

We made our first stop at Otisville, but no one came into the car, so there it sat. The fun ensued as we pulled into Middletown and a large group of people moved into the car. Still happy on its perch, at first its head just moved side to side checking everything out—until the first person put a work bag on the rack. Doors closed, we take off and so did the sparrow. Now no one was napping. There was laughing, screaming and a dozen suggestions as how to free the poor bird. The next stop was 15 minutes away, and this went on with even the conductor joining in. Finally, the poor bird landed by the door as one passenger hit the button to open the door and another scooped the sparrow with his paper out the door. The look on the faces of the boarding passengers was priceless as the outside door opened and the bird flew out.

Definitely an exciting way to spend a morning commute with one story for the birds.


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