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Best laid plans

Working in New York City and living in the Upper Delaware River Valley has its own set of challenges. We commuters usually have a routine that helps us get out of the door in the morning—at least I do. Although we can predict and plan for certain things, many things are out of our hands.

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Eugene Wolff is a graduate of the Narrowsburg Central Rural High School and an international agronomist. Arriving in

Tusten in July, 1969, his parents built a home on the river in Narrowsburg. In the summer of 1981, he was a college intern at the newly opened outdoor amphitheater “Music Mountain” in Wood-

ridge, the first legal outdoor venue for rock concerts allowed in Sullivan County since Woodstock. Wolff continues to do business travel and lives part-time in Narrowsburg.


Re-discovering Woodstock’s lost relics

Despite the Woodstock festival occurring years before concert merchandising became a big business, there is still a surprising amount of memorabilia from Woodstock that has survived.

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Coltsfoot, a welcoming sign of spring

Tug-of-war time

We are in the tug-of-war time between seasons. Yes, we know who will win. As the ground thaws out, the sweet, mucky scent of the warming earth will arise. Spring will drag winter through the glorious mud.

If by whiskey

On Friday, April 4, 1952, a 29-year-old Mississippi state representative named Noah Sweat delivered a speech at a dinner banquet for his fellow legislators. He was nearing the end of his only term in office. Mississippi was debating the legalization of liquor at the time and the young Rep.

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My view

I sat on a bench on my river bank remembering a childhood dream that one day I might live in a house on the Delaware River.

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Prayer for a Muslim lawmaker

If you type the name Stephanie Borowicz into the YouTube search box, you’ll see images of Pennsylvania State Representative Stephanie Borowicz reciting a prayer at the opening of the government body on March 25. That’s not unusual, prayers are normally used to open a session of the house.

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Mud season and the Angel Tom

The first sure sign of spring in the river valley is mud. Thick brown mud that sucks you in, coating your soles and turning your tire treads slick. There’s also wind. Wind that tugs those hold-out leaves from limbs of oak and defeats autumn preparations for winter by turning heavy tarps into paper airplanes that sail across the yard.



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