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NEW YORK CITY, NY — Two children who living in Woodridge, who were kidnapped and spirited away to Mexico, have been found in a town in Mexico.  Yante Teller, 14 and her brother Chaim, 12, were taken from outside their home on Dec. 8.

The kidnapping was allegedly arranged with the help a Brooklyn man Arron Rosner. Rosner, who is the brother of an alleged cult leader. He was arrested by the FBI on Dec. 26 and charged with kidnapping and related counts.

Three other men connected to the cult were arrested later. “As alleged in the complaint, the defendants engaged in a terrifying kidnapping of two children in the middle of the night, taking the children across the border to Mexico,” US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said. “Thankfully, the kidnappers were no match for the perseverance of the FBI, the New York State Police and Mexican authorities, and the children were recovered this morning after a nearly three-week search,” Berman said.

The two teens have been at the center of a battle between their mother and the leader of the Orthodox Jewish cult based in Guatemala.

According to Rosner’s indictment, the cult is called Lev Tahor. The agent who filed the indictment wrote that children in Lev Tahor are often subject to "physical, sexual and emotional abuse.”

The children’s mother was formerly a voluntary member of Lev Tahor, which was founded by her father. But a new leader emerged who was more extreme than her father and she no longer felt it was safe to keep her children with the group in Guatemala.

The mother won sole custody of the children in November, and a Brooklyn court issued an order saying that the children’s biological father was to have no contact with the children.

Rosner is charged with working with other co-conspirators, and with helping to finance the kidnapping operation. He is also accused of buying clothing for the children that they would not normally wear, including some adorned with Superman logos, so they would not stand out as Orthodox Jews when travelling.

According to Yeshiva World News, Aron Rosner is a brother of Meyer Rosner, the leader of Lev Tahor.


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