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John Faso

Dueling releases from Faso, Delgado

KINGSTON, NY — Republican Congressman John Faso and Democratic Congressional candidate Antonio Delgado both sent out emails on July 3, on the issue of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE.)

Following “Families Belong Together” protests across the country on June 30, Faso demanded that Delgado state his position on ICE.

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Toxins appear in landfill sampling

MINISINK FORD, NY — State sampling of water wells in and around the former Barnes Landfill in September of last year showed excessive levels of nine metals and chemical contaminants, according to a June 13 response letter to the Upper Delaware Council (UDC) from Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) regional materials management enginee

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National Park Service spokeswoman Carla Hahn fielded questions about the role of the Upper Delaware Council last week.

UDC: what are we doing here?

NARROWSBURG, NY — Nearing the end of a lengthy agenda last week, a frustrated Upper Delaware Council (UDC) Chairman Aaron Robinson asked for a definition of the UDC’s role. “Are we advisory or management?”

“We’ve been describing the UDC as co-managers for years,” National Park Service spokeswoman Carla Hahn replied.

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Scott Hallock takes the oath of office as he joins the Eldred School Board. The oath was administered by district clerk Lisa Sibirtzeff.

New Eldred board in place

ELDRED, NY — Now that the leadership of the district is firmly in place, they will need to find the resolve to stay the course to restore Eldred Central School district to academic and fiscal health.

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Jack Barnett, president of the Clean Energy Co-op, addresses the crowd at Willow Wisp Organic  Farm regarding a new solar project there.

Wayne organic farm goes solar

DAMASCUS, PA — Willow Wisp Organic Farm is partnering with the local Clean Energy Co-op to make the switch to solar-power. They plan to install 168 solar panels, which will power over 140% of the farm’s energy needs.

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Antonio Delgado

Delgado wins in NY 19

NEW YORK 19th CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT — Antonio Delgado has won the Democratic nomination to run for Congress in the New York 19th Congressional District. Delgado, an attorney, received 22% of the vote in a seven-way race. He pulled in some 7,690 votes. Gareth Rhodes came in second with 6,242 votes.



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