Honesdale Weis employees, customers sustain injuries in assault at store

UPDATE: Second round of charges filed in Weis incident

Pennsylvania State Police out of Honesdale have filed a criminal complaint against a second person in an incident that turned violent at Weis last week.

Charges brought against Dana Croci May 15 include a felony charge of aggravated assault for attacking a woman and causing serious injuries last Thursday at Weis Markets.

According to witnesses in the police's affadavit, Dana was arguing with a store manager, refusing to leave Weis, when a minor and Jordan Coxson became involved. Croci attacked a customer, Farrah Black, who was trying to calm her, striking her in the head, continuing to attack her as she fell to the ground. During this assault, the victim recounted afterward that she remembered falling to the ground, having her lip bitten by Croci and being kicked in the head before waking up in an ambulance. The victim sustained a concussion, a lip laceration that required five stitches, a cervical contusion, chest wall contusion, bruising along the left side of her body, hearing loss in one ear and about 30 minutes of memory loss.

"It is sad this has gone as far as it has and we just hope that this people are held accountable for the brutality of their crimes," Black said about the incident. "No matter what age, gender, or race you are... what was done was absolutely inhuman.”

The police are also attempting to charge Croci with simple assault, recklessly endangering another individual, riot, two counts of criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal mischief and public drunkeness. 

May 15: Pennsylvania State Police in Honesdale have filed a criminal complaint against at least one person in an incident that turned violent at Weis Markets last week.

Police are charging Waymart resident Jordan Coxson with misdemeanor charges of simple assault, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and harassment for assaulting a Weis employee and a customer, as well as his own mother. 

The police affidavit on the incident states that Dana Coxson, the defendant's mother, was acting irate and arguing with customers and store managers at Weis Market on Thursday. While a woman attempted to get Dana to leave the store, Jordan came into the store and became physical with an employee—allegedly punching him in the face three times. He grabbed his mother and threw her to the ground. She then got up and began attacking another customer. According to one of the victims, Jordan struck her in the head before destroying a flower display and leaving the store.

Jordan Coxson was later located at a residence on Old Willow Avenue, near Weis Market.    

Video taken at Weis correlates what witnesses and victims relayed to the state trooper, who arrived after the Coxsons had left the scene. A preliminary trial hearing is set for Jordan Coxson. 


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