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Main Street trash cans a problem in Callicoon

CALLICOON, NY — Callicoon gets a little too trashy in the summer, said some at last week’s Town of Delaware meeting.

The issue was brought up by supervisor Ed Sykes, who said the trashcan outside of Mike Preis Insurance—which overflows and attracts flies—seems to be the only left on the street. He was asking a member of the Callicoon Business Association (CBA) if the group was aware of the issue.

“Every other citizen in town takes care of their own garbage,” Sykes said. “This has been going on for years.”

Eva Barnett, owner of Cafe Adella Dori on Main Street in Callicoon, responded that she’s moved her trash cans from the front of her shop to the back. Barnett speculated that the more trash cans there are on the street, the more garbage seems to pile up in them.

“I’ve thought about this a lot,” Barnett, who is in the process of gathering interest for a green committee in the town, “and I don’t believe the answer is more cans.”

Barnett said she thinks Airbnb guests are dropping their trash off in the cans on Main Street. She said some Airbnb hosts tell their guests that the garbage is their responsibility, “People visiting here don’t know what to do with their trash other than bringing it to town.”

Right now, the Town of Delaware planning committee is working on creating ordinances for Airbnbs. There are more than 500 throughout the county, according to an Airbnb spokesperson, and no way to inspect them for safety or keep track of them in many towns, including Delaware.

Some towns have passed ordinances that require Airbnb hosts to get permits before renting their properties.

A planning committee representative at Wednesday’s meeting said he suspects it will be several weeks before there are regulations for Airbnbs in the Town of Delaware. Barnett and the CBA said they are looking into the trash issue and working on a solution—one of which might be cans that don’t allow bags of garbage.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the trash on Main Street will be picked up twice a week.


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