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Sullivan County Human Rights Commission Chairperson Judy Balaban marches with artist Matt Pozorski. 

Hudson Valley March for Our Lives

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — On a sunny spring day that could not have been more perfect, a crisp, light chill from the Hudson River blew across the faces of approximately 8,000 participants as they marched across the walkway over the Hudson beginning on the Poughkeepsie side. 

Young and old, brown, black and white, men and women, mothers, fathers, grandparents, school teachers and most significantly young people under the age of 20, all voiced their opinion about the issue of gun violence and gun control currently raging in our culture.

The marchers honored gun violence victims, voiced support for an immediate and major national gun control initiative, and at the same time spoke clearly and very critically of the National Rifle Association, politicians, and those whom they believe have been incorrectly and immorally using the Second Amendment to stall rational gun control policies and the banning of military grade weapons.

While some of the signs carried were political in nature and generic, others were witty, heartfelt and deeply personal, and cleverly made reference to American cultural history and contemporary politics.

According to March for Our Lives, the march in Poughkeepsie was one of more than 800 sibling marches around the globe.


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