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Homeowners association moves to withdraw appeal

SHOHOLA, PA — A lawyer for the Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association (WLLA) has moved to withdraw its appeal of a case regarding a property owned by Amelia and William Pearn in Maple Park. WLLA has been trying to compel the Pearns to pay assessments or fees to WLLA for 10 years. Two separate judges have said the Pearns are not part of the WLLA homeowners association and, therefore, do not owe any assessment. The latest judge to rule in the matter says the couple owes only a $10 per year fee to WLLA for the use of a beach to access the lake in the community.

The news came via video blog from Amelia at, where detailed information about the legal battle has been collected. Amelia says, “The most information I have on the reason for the motion to withdraw is that WLLA did not feel that they were going to be successful in any aspect of this appeal.”

Initially, WLLA had sent the couple a bill for dues or assessments of $5,440.90. The most recent court ruling said the couple owed WLLA $30. In the video Amelia says, “They knew that didn’t have a case back in 2001, when one of their own assessment committees made a motion—it was seconded, unanimously carried forward and approved—that Maple Park is a separate development in the Walker Lake area.”

After battling WLLA over the matter for 10 years, Amelia seems not to believe that this will bring the issue to a conclusion. She says, “The opinion from the Court of Common Pleas was that the case was fatally flawed and it should be dismissed… we’ll see where it goes, I guess.”

Calls to the WLLA and its attorney had not been returned as of press time.


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