Cochecton camps

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — At the February 27 joint Cochecton Town Board/Planning Board meeting with consultant Tom Shepstone and town attorney Karen Mannino, final language for the town’s draft summer camp/private school zoning ordinance was hammered out. This next-to-last phase of the drafting process was concerned primarily with making all provisions of the ordinance consistent with existing zoning code and uniform throughout.

Shepstone remarked more than once that the boards were operating from an abundance of caution in that regard. “It’s not necessary to repeat in this ordinance what’s already stated in your general land-use code,” said Shepstone. But Maas thought it couldn’t hurt to err on the side of caution. He said, “If any provision in this ordinance is open to question, we can point to general code clauses for reinforcement.”

“Beneficial redundancy can be useful,” Shepstone conceded, as all agreed to incorporate the last changes into a final draft; presentation of the draft ordinance at a public hearing is expected within two months, the date to be determined at the March 14 town board meeting. Although Upper Delaware Council (UDC) liaison Larry Richardson was not at the meeting, he asked that the ordinance be in full compliance with UDC land- and wateruse guidelines.

Maas responded to Richardson’s request by noting that summer camps will be permitted in the town’s rural development (RU) districts only; of the three RU districts within the river corridor, none is large enough to meet minimum summer-camp acreage requirements.


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