Narrowsburg News 8/3

It is time for an update on several town issues.

First, many of you may be wondering about the deck and the Little Lake Erie bridge—which, by the way, is technically a culvert.

The Town Board had requested that no work be done on the deck until after Riverfest, thereby protecting the crowd against possible injury in a construction zone. A grading system was established to fairly award the contract for work on the deck. As a result, Coacci Construction won the bid, and we expect now that Riverfest has passed we will be seeing Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. working soon.

The Little Lake Erie culvert project is taking much longer than expected. The design for the replacement culvert, which the town had ready to put out for bid, was rejected by the New York State Department of Transportation. Since this project is being funded through a Bridge NY grant, there are many more regulations we must follow in order to be in compliance with grant policies. For instance, we had to have the Department of Environmental Conservation do an assessment for mussels living in the culvert area. Fortunately, the assessment determined that an in-depth mussel study is not necessary.

These regulations require the completion of many steps, thereby making the process longer, but the end result will be a culvert that will last a very long time.

You should be aware that a group of citizens make up the Zoning Review Committee. This, too, is not a quick task. The committee has been meeting every other week for over a year and a half. Several new laws have been adopted, e.g. a camping law that includes commercial and residential, and several that require public hearings, e.g. a subdivision law and a new law to establish regulations for the development and operation of solar energy systems. There are still several areas to be considered by this committee such as a noise ordinance and a review of the current sign laws, just to name a few. Stay tuned….


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