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Whose tax relief?

Now that the Senate rammed through its tax bill, everyone is wondering how it will affect our own pockets. Out the window went the GOP’s concern about our country’s deficit.

Easy money: streetlight conversion

Towns and villages can now take advantage of a new program guaranteed to reduce municipal costs for years to come—it’s called “LED streetlight conversion.” It will enable even the smallest village to save thousands of dollars a year. Annual savings for large towns can be measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A forensic audit at Eldred

Why do we need a forensic audit at Eldred Central School District (ECS)? The answer is simple: so the school district can move forward. Dr. Morgano and the board have proposed an all-inclusive committee to examine the mistakes of the past and prepare a plan for the future.

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Politics is hard

Politics, especially local politics, is hard work. Easier to share headlines from the national press. Following local political trends in Sullivan and Delaware counties is another matter; that needs sustained attention and real commitment. And it’s certainly less rakish.



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