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TRR photos by Jonathan Fox
Snow, ice and rain—who could ask for anything more?

The Iceman Cometh

Of course, I’m referring to the epic ice storm that rained down on the Upper Delaware River region a few days ago, and not the Broadway play written by Eugene O’Neill in 1946. Yep, it’s that time of year again, when I’m tempted to whine incessantly about the weather.

TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

Sixteen year-old Ronald Kelson sang a selection from “Don Quixote” on stage at SUNY Sullivan last Sunday, while auditioning for Forestburgh Playhouse producer Franklin Trapp.

Curtain up

While many of you are fans of winter and all things associated with it, I’m not that guy. Oh, sure—it can be picture-postcard-pretty here in the Upper Delaware River region, and I do enjoy taking photos in the winter wonderland, which helps the days pass.

TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

A standing-room-only crowd of concerned citizens attended Dafna Tachover’s lecture on the possible adverse affects of wireless technology, presented last weekend at the Western Hotel.

Just say ‘no’

While I tend to refrain from making public declarations of New Year’s resolutions, I do make a list that I keep on the down low. I figure that if I don’t speak it aloud, the inevitable failure to “stick to my guns” will be less humiliating. That said, number one on the list for 2019 was to “just say no.” Was. As in already past tense.

TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

If you’re not adept with a mixer, cream cheese can end up in a lot of places it does not belong.

Let them eat cake

I’m not much of a cook. Fortunately my expectations are fairly low when it comes to putting food on the table. Since every night is singles night here at Camp Fox, the complaints are few and far between.

 TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

The hills are alive with the sound of music, including concerts under the stars at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Thanks for the memories

I’ve always been a fan of tradition—undoubtedly related to my reluctance to embrace change. Whatever the reason, I find comfort in revisiting the past. I don’t want to live there, mind you, and these days I need help remembering what happened last week. That’s where being a photojournalist comes in handy. I have evidence.

The percussion section provided sounds of horse hooves, sleigh bells and the occasional crack of the whip
at the Liberty High School Honors Band noontime concert at the Government Center in Monticello on Monday.

Not a creature was stirring…

Well, that’s not entirely true. With mice in the basement and squirrels in the attic, there’s plenty of “stirring” at this time of year. The never-ending battle rages on.

TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

 Woodcarver extraordinaire Cima Bue created this flaming tribute to “A Christmas Carol” for last weekend’s “Dickens on the Delaware,” the town-wide wonderland in Callicoon, NY. “Yep, it will be all gone by the end of the night,” Cima said to passersby. That’s what makes it ephemeral. 

Baby it’s cold outside

There. I said it. In the wake of recent controversy over the classic holiday tune, I can’t help but think of poor Frank Loesser, who penned those lyrics in 1944, and is surely spinning in his grave.

Photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

This year’s tree-lighting party in Callicoon, NY,  included s’mores, a bonfire and Christmas carols in the center of town.

In other words... Tis the season!

Though I’m rarely at a loss for words, every great once in a while I allow others to get their two cents in, and often find out that they know far more than I on any given subject. Now that December is upon us, there are scads of holiday-themed events happening throughout the Upper Delaware River region.

Photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

In the midst of Tommy Gelb’s menorah collection stands a very traditional Hanukkah candelabrum just like my grandmother’s.

Here comes Hanukkah, however you may spell it

Bethel, NY — Well, that was fast. I’m still eating Thanksgiving leftovers and putting away the last of the pots and pans required to make my world-famous “mock apple pie” ( The pie started out as a joke (It’s made entirely from Ritz crackers), but has become a holiday tradition among my friends.

TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

Bruce and April Bidwell’s brilliantly satirical “After Banksy” is being auctioned off to the highest bidder through Dec. 16, benefiting the DVAA. “We’re hoping to get 1.2 million,” Bruce said. “Or best offer.”

Good things come in small packages

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit that the last few daze have been a bit challenging for me. I was a little under the weather (and I’m not just talking about the foot of snow we all shared) and had to make some last-minute adjustments to my calendar.



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