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TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox
Western Supper Club & Inn hostess Irene Nikolai gave me a private tour of Sharon Spiak’s “Queen of Romance” art exhibit now showing in the Victorian hotel’s lobby through March 13.

From soup to nuts

Even though my pickup is still in the shop, I’ve managed to get by—with a little help from my friends. Mother Nature has been more than kind over the last week, and the early signs of spring in the air combined with temporary wheels found me hitting the road once again, in search of both arts and leisure.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Delaware Valley Arts Alliance (DVAA) program director Bizzy Coy opened “Off The Shelf” with commentary about the afternoon and upcoming events before introducing One Grand Books’ Aaron Hicklin.

Bedtime stories

At the risk of being presumptuous, I’m going to assume that parents still read to their kids. At least, I hope so. My mother read to both my sister and me and instilled in us a great love of literature from a tender age—something that we both cherish as adults. To the best of my recollection, E.B.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Sally Gladden read excerpts from her book “Geepers, I Love You & Other Writings” on the first leg of her “Meet the Author” tour, held at the Sullivan County Historical Society in Hurleyville, NY.

Love is in the air

Yep—it’s that time of year when Cupid is busily winging his way into the very heart of the Upper Delaware River region, and I’ve spent the past few days thinking about love and the variety of ways that it can be expressed. Love. You can’t buy it, can’t hurry it and from what I’m told, it makes the world go ‘round.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Nearly 3,000 people strolled through the streets last year for the first-ever Kauneonga Block Party, which is already in the planning stages for June, 2017.

Coming attractions

As I count the days in anticipation of making s’mores and basking in the warmth of the sun, I’m reminded that many of the events springing up in the near future have been (or are) in the planning stages months in advance. “What? Already?” I moaned, while reading an email.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Thanks for the memories

Memories are funny. With time, they can shape-shift and fade, but often they are instantly brought back to life by seeing an object I haven’t thought about in years, a whiff in the air of a once familiar scent, or the strains of a long-forgotten tune.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Meet the artist!

Those three words pop up frequently here in the Upper Delaware River region and have transformed the way I view art. While it may be perfectly fine to go to a gallery and stroll the halls making personal observations, getting a glimpse into the mind of the creator often puts a whole new spin on the subject at hand.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Pure fluff

No, I’m not about to fill an entire page with sticky, gooey, far-too-sweet, lighter than air nothingness. Or am I? Not entirely unlike the marshmallow crème, a “fluff piece” is a form of journalism, even though there are folks who would argue the point. And in fact, it’s what I do.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

2016: All work and no play?

It’s no secret that I’m Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah rather than Christmas, but since the Jewish calendar follows the lunar cycle, the “Festival of Lights” falls on a different date every winter, and this year it coincides with all things ho ho ho. And although the first night of Hanukkah fell on Christmas Eve, it’s still ongoing.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Let it snow

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Even though winter has just officially begun, I fear that we’re in for a doozy, which my dictionary defines as “extraordinary” and “one of a kind.” As many of you know, I love getting out regardless of the season.



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