TRR photo by Hunter Hill

Generic Wally Diver in green, not the specific design or trademark of Cotton Cordell

Wally Diver 11-16-18

The Wally Diver is a popular lure designed and made popular by famous fisherman, Cotton Cordell. You may notice that the pictured Wally Diver here is not a signature Cotton Cordell lure however mechanically speaking it is the generic equivalent to one of these very famous lures.

The Wally Diver is great for mid to late season Walleye fishing. Late June to be specific. Around this time the Walleye move to mid depth from their early spring shallow depths. The Wally Diver is great for trolling these depths at a nice even slow pace. The broad shoulders of the lure put it's weight forward and the tapered tail being lighter, lifts up higher as the lure swims. The lip of the Wally Diver has a tie on located much closer to the head of the lure body than the tip of the diving lip. What this achieves is a steeper diving angle. 

The Wally Diver is about 3 and a half inches long with two treble hooks, one from just below the shoulders and the other off the tail. Wally Divers charachteristically have an arching back with either flat oval lips or concave lips that scoop water more aggressively. When trolling with these lures you can throw them out with a great deal of excess line. once you have your trolling speed set just right, reel in the excess line to achieve your desired depth and the wally diver will typically hold that depth evenly as long as the troll maintains regularity. Speed when reeling these lures in will result in a deeper dive for sure and they work well at a slow speed, so keep in mind that speed is going to be your enemy when trolling, but for setting depth it is your means of control. 

Wally Divers are neat in my opinion because of the way they present themselves to predator walleyes. The steep forward tilt of the lure as it swims and the arch of the back give it the look of an injured baitfish. The treble hooks that follow then are at both top and bottom of the lures height, resulting in a more likely hookset. After learning a bit more about how this lure works from my dad, I realized I had a picture of one at home.

Seeing as how we've reached the winter season here in PA and NY, I won't say go out and try it, but maybe go grab a few from the store in different colors and remind yourself come June July next year. As for me, I'll be looking for a yellow one with red eyes like in the picture here. I have a good feeling about it. 

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