Krocodile 7/6/18

As a serious fisherman I’ve spent my share of time learning about various lures and rigs and how to use them. After years of experience I still find new lures out there, either technologically advanced or simply a hybrid of older classics. However one question remains for every lure out there; does it catch fish? I’m beginning this series of lure reviews and testing to call attention to not only the new and flashy lures on the market, but also the tried and true for those anglers who may not have heard of what may become their newfound Excalibur. Don’t let the lady of the lake take it back....

To start this series I’ve decided to review the classic Krocodile. It’s a simple spoon lure and comes in gold or silver (or any number of colors in the rainbow really) and may have a variety of curves or bevels added to the simple spoon design. They normally have a treble hook attached but sometimes come in the packaging with a single hook. (I highly recommend the treble on this) They can be tied on via the nose ring, and immediately used, however due to the nature of the spoon and the way it spins in the water, it is best to add a swivel in your line about 2 to 3 feet up to prevent twisting the line.

This lure is great for throwing out behind a trolling boat or just throwing in any depth of water; it catches light from the surface and casts it about like a shiny baitfish. It is all metal and therefore has a bit of heft to it. When reeling it in you want to keep a steady rhythm in order to keep it from bottoming out on you. There is a slight exception to this though, while fishing the river I’ve been able to bounce the lure off of smooth rocky bottoms without catching too awfully much. It does happen, so without some patience you may wish to only use this in more open waters. In my personal experience I’ve caught a plethora of different fish on this lure, bass, trout, crappies, large panfish and even walleye.

Since it has that weight, it can be cast quite a ways and gives you plenty of time to reel. It’s one of the most universal spoons I know of. Sometimes I might throw a silver and a gold Krocodile off the back of the boat just to see which hits first. Then switch gear to the hot color. They are very adaptable to down or out-rigging and come in handy when you are zeroed in on the depth you need. If you haven’t fished with one before, or haven’t heard of one, I recommend picking a couple up to add to your tackle. They can be found at most superstores and most bait and tackle shops.

*If you have any luck with the lure of the week, feel free to email your pictures to for an opportunity to share them on our website. If you have a favorite kind of lure we haven’t reviewed yet, feel free to send that lure to our office at PO box 150 Narrowsburg, NY 12764. We will add it to our weekly reviews and share the results. Check back each week on Fridays to see the new lure of the week!


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