Looking Back

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Ed Milk and his horse are seen on his Delaware County farm.

Looking Back 5/17

After a harsh winter, spring is finally upon us, and local farms will soon boast lush fields of crops.

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Looking Back 5/3

For students in New York, the end of the school year signals the start of Regents examinations. These tests, typically administered in mid-June, are state-wide cumulative exams focusing on a single subject.

Photo by Craig English

Looking Back 4/19

Centuries ago, the Appalachians, including this area, was home to an abundance of chestnut trees. In their habitats, chestnut trees constituted one out of every four trees.

Today, the American chestnut has disappeared. How did these majestic trees go from being a vital element of the landscape to a nearly eradicated species?

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Looking Back 4/12

Journalist Thomas J. Ham wrote in “The Honesdale Citizen”: “The glass works [near Bethany in Dyberry Township] were started in 1816 by a company of Germans who had been employed in the manufacture of glass at Frankfort-on-the-Main.

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Looking Back 3/29

The locale of this photo is identified as Orson, in Preston Township, PA. It’s a special occasion—perhaps the 4th of July or Old Home Day. The whole town has turned out, and a train full of passengers has stopped at the O&W depot to view the festivities. The brass band is standing at attention, ready to break into a rousing march. 

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Looking Back 3/22

In May 1888, a construction contract was awarded to David Kellam for $9,000. A year later, the Little Equinunk Bridge Company completed building the Kellam-Stalker Bridge.



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