Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Kathy

Special thanks to Kathy Michell, for her February 6 TRR story about black vultures.

And may her insights about these beautiful creatures, and her compassion for them, sift down to ignoramuses who shot two of them.

Eldred financial woes

I have recently returned from a little winter time respite down South, and I am catching up with the news from Eldred Central School.  The NYS Comptroller’s Office reports that the district is broke because they used all the fund balance to try to keep the tax levy under the tax cap.

Faso writes in

Fritz Mayer’s report [February 6, 2019] on the Sullivan County meeting held by Rep. Delgado contains the assertion that “…constituents could ask whatever questions they wanted, in stark contrast to former Congressman John Faso, who held limited meetings with constituents, and required that questions be cleared in advance.”

Trump’s Super Bowl interview

Here’s what President Trump stated during his Super Bowl interview: “This [Mexican illegal crossings] is really an invasion of our country by human traffickers.” An invasion? If it’s an invasion, why did Trump wait until his third year in office to do something about it? That’s not just incompetence, it’s dereliction of duty and malfeasance.

Stay out of Venezuela

The continued attacks by U.S. administrations against the Venezuelan people in the name of democracy would be laughable in an Orwellian sense. I am no fan of Maduro, but he was the elected leader of his sovereign country.

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Letters to the Editor 2/6/19

The golden rule

With all the insanity that has been in the news lately, I thought Icould participate by suggesting that, for the sake of our sanity, we all follow the Golden Rule for just one day. If after that one day, we want to go for two, why not?



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