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Lake Huntington News 7/13

Just got back from Florida again. This time I went down to buy a house in Winter Garden, right by Disney World. I was going to see the house on Thursday the 6th, sign the contract and have the inspection. Little did I know that they sold the house from under me on Wednesday. 

Lake Huntington News 7/6

Hello, everyone, hope all is well. The weather has been so nice this weekend—okay, we did have that rainstorm on Saturday. I have been out and about today—I stopped by Genco's Fire House, Paul and Sharon have so many nice old antiques to sell you.

Lake Huntington News

There is no place like home. The traffic this weekend was nuts—it took me almost five hours to go down to queens on Friday and a little over four to come home on Sunday. A lot of people must be visiting their fathers. My dad is in heaven, 23 years this September.

Lake Huntington News

I’ve been to Florida two times in the past three weeks. My first trip was to Fort Meyers to hang out with my oldest friend Katie. We always try to do something together; as of this year it’s been 52 years.

Lake Huntington News

If you are thinking, “What can I do during the summer,” keep on reading. I am trying to list local events that you can go to. There is nothing like a great night out to eat or at a yard sale, penny social or pancake breakfast. I personally love to be out and about and see some of the townsfolk.

Lake Huntington News

They say there is nothing to do in Sullivan County—NOT. I went on a bus trip with CD Trips on Saturday, May 20. I do not like getting up in the morning, so I was not looking forward to being in Liberty at 7:30 in the morning to get on the bus. My travel partner was Pastor Phyllis Haynes of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in  Narrowsburg.

Lake Huntington News

Oh my goodness, it feels like summer is here early. I think I like the cold better—no bugs or allergies. I love to shovel snow when it is not too heavy and wet. I like to put a sweater on to warm up. When it is hot out, there are just so many pieces of clothing you can take off.

Lake Huntington News

I was down on Long Island for a memorial service for Jean Kerrigan’s sister (Marie Smith) and nephew (Jeff Smith). Jean’s nephew Jeff was in the military, and they presented the American flag to his son. I’d never seen it done this way before.

Lake Huntington News

There is lots going on in our town: new homes are being built on the lake, and Matson’s Bar and Grill got a new outdoor deck. The Town of Cochecton clean-up days will be Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21, from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. If you have any questions call the town clerk at 845/932-8360, ext. 11.



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