I've got an addiction

Seriously. Will someone help me out?

I have 5, that right... 5 fish tanks. Seriously. How one person could let this go that far is beyond me.

It started with a betta (or should I say RE-started) and then i found a cheap 45 gallon tank, and then I was given another 45 gallon tank. And then I upgraded the 45 gallon to a 65 gallon, but why get rid of that smaller one? Why not use it for other types of fish? And then, I got asked to test out a new all in one kind of tank. Sure its only a 5 gallon tank, but it fits perfectly on my desk at work.

So with the tanks came the fish. And then the plants and of course snails. And why not add some shrimp to the mix? I mean, every eco system needs those little cleaning crews to make things stable.

Basically, I've started hoarding them. Well, maybe not. But if you ask my husband, I'm seriously obsessed. Maybe I am. However, if you want to help me out... I'll take that old tank off your hands. ;)


I knew I was getting in deep when my fish started having fry. And now those fry are grown up and starting their own little guppy factories like it's nobody's business. Heck, even the Molly is letting little ones loose. That's ok though. I like watching the smaller ones grow up. And if they survive to adulthood, well, that's just a reason for another tank.

Now, what were you saying about that tank in your garage?




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