Your representatives
    & how to reach them

New York State Lawmakers


David A. Paterson(D)
Sworn in: 2008
Office: State Capitol, Albany 12224
Telephone: 518/474-8390
Fax: 518/474-1513
Online contact form:


Charles Schumer (D)
Elected: 1998
Local office: 757 Third Avenue, Room 17-02, New York 10017
Washington office: 313 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
Telephone: 212/486-4430; 202/224-6542
Fax: 202/228-3027
Online contact form:

Hilary Rodham Clinton (D)
Elected: 2000
Local office: 780 Third Avenue, Suite 2600, New York 10175
Washington office: 476 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
Telephone: 202/224-4451; 212/688-6262
Fax: 212/688-7444; 212/223-8496; 202/228-0282
Online contact:

22nd District (two-year term)

Maurice D. Hinchey (D-Saugerties)
Elected: 1992
Local office: 291 Wall Street, Kingston 12401, and City Hall, third floor, 16 James Street, Middletown 10940
Washington office: 2431 Rayburn, House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
Telephone: 845/331-4466; 845/791-7116; 845/344-3211; 202/225-6335
Online contact:

*This is a House page that allows you to select your representatives and forward your message to them.

42nd District (two-year term)

John J. Bonacic (R-C-Mount Hope)
Elected: 1998
Local office: 279 Main Street, Suite 202, New Paltz 12561
Albany office: Room 815, Legislative Office Building, Albany 12247
Telephone: 845/255-9656; 518/455-3181
Fax: 845/2559262; 518/426-6948

STATE ASSEMBLY 98th District (two-year term)

Aileen Gunther (D-Forestburgh) Elected: 2003 Local office: 20 Anawana Lake Road, Monticello 12701 Telephone: 845/794-5807; 845/342-9304; 518/455-5239 Email:

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Links to government websites

Pennsylvania General Assembly
The website for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, including the following useful pages for identifying and contacting your legislator:

New York State Senate
The homepage of the New York State Senate. A particularly useful page on this site is:

  • The Senators Page
    Page has links to zip-code Senator finder, Senator emails and a Senator Directory with complete contact information

New York State Assembly
Home page for the New York State Assembly. A useful member location page on this site is:

  • Members Page
    Page has list of members, which click through to contact information, and a search box to identify your representatives by zip code.

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The structure of township government

New York Towns

Town Board

  • The Town Board is comprised of the supervisor and (4) council members

    New York town government organization lacks a strong executive branch. Virtually all of a town’s discretionary authority rests with the town board. What little executive power the supervisor has is granted by specific statute or by the town board, which exercises both legislative and executive functions.


  • The supervisor is primarily an administrator whose duties under law are to: act as treasurer and have care and custody of monies belonging to the town, disburse monies, keep an accurate and complete account of all monies; make reports as required; pay fixed salaries and other claims; and lease, sell, and convey properties of the town, when so directed by the town board.

The town board may also appoint or hire personnel to serve various needs of the town including:

  • A planning board drafts master plans, subdivision, zoning and other ordinances; regulates subdivisions and reviews site plans, and assists in developing and administering zoning.

Zoning Board of Appeals

  • A zoning board of appeals hears requests for variances of zoning regulation and grants relief in proper instances.

Building Inspector

  • A building inspector or zoning enforcement officer administers and enforces pertinent regulation.
  • Assessor
  • An assessor (who some towns choose to elect) produces a tax roll including values of all real property for purposes of taxation.

Other elected officials include:

Town Justice

  • The town justices (2) who hear minor civil and criminal litigation and the early stages of major criminal litigation. They deal with many problems, including simple traffic offenses, bill collection cases, felony hearings, and complex commercial litigation.

Town Clerk

  • The town clerk who according to town law “shall have the custody of all the records, books and papers of the town,” and “shall attend all meetings of the town board, act as clerk thereof, and keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting, and of all propositions adopted…”

Superintendent of Highways

  • The superintendent of highways whose duties according to highway law are “the care and superintendence of the town highways and bridges and board walks or renewals thereof on highways less than two rods in width, in the town,” except those belonging to villages or the state.

Tax Collector

  • The tax collector who prepares and mails annual property tax bills and collects payment of those bills.

Pennsylvania townships

Board of Supervisors

  • The Board of (3) Supervisors. The supervisors act as the legislative and executive branch in Pennsylvania local government. There is no township judiciary branch in Pennsylvania government. The duties of the supervisors include setting policies, enacting ordinances, adopting budgets, levying taxes, approving expenditures, hiring employees, managing roads, appointing and monitoring a planning commission, and appointing a zoning hearing board.

Tax Collector

  • Duties of tax collector are to collect taxes for municipality and schools.


  • The auditors (3). Duties of auditors are to audit, adjust and settle the accounts of all elected officials or appointed officials or agencies that receive or distribute funds.

Additional appointed officials may include:

Planning Commission

  • a planning commission of three to nine members to monitor land use, develop a comprehensive plan and advise the supervisors.

Zoning/Building Inspector

  • a zoning/building officer to receive and evaluate requests for building and zoning related permits and investigate complaints of violations.

Road Master

  • a road master is responsible for maintenance of township roads and bridges, snow and ice removal, drainage projects, traffic controls and maintenance of all motorized equipment.

Zoning Hearing Board

  • a zoning hearing board to hear and decide upon requests for zoning variances; and other various positions to accommodate township needs including: a solicitor/attorney, secretary, engineer, and fire and police chiefs.

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