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Duke’s foil photos

NARROWSBURG, NY — The opening of an exhibit featuring the photographs of local photographer Dana Duke resulted in a very large turnout at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance on March 25.

At the center of the photographs are pieces of various types of foil. Duke said he has been photographing found objects for many years. “I was looking at a Chinese food container in about 2006, and twisting it and kind of making a sculptural form and I thought it looked interesting, so I started photographing that form and changing the light, and trying to get more of a central feeling out of it.”

He juxtaposes the foil against other textures, such as fencing wire or horse hair. Duke said he uses a 10-inch view camera for the work. “The negative is eight by 10 inches; it’s the old kind of view camera where you put the cloth over your head. It looks ancient but a lot of people still use them because you get so much sharpness. It really pulls out the qualities in the foils, where a regular 35 millimeter or digital camera really wouldn’t pull that out as well.”

The exhibit runs through April 23.

TRR photo by Fritz Mayer
Dana Duke talks about his photographs at an opening at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance in Narrowsburg, NY on March 25. (Click for larger version)