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TRR photos by Scott Rando
This timber rattlesnake uses the morning sun to its advantage as it warms up while basking on an east-facing ledge on a mountain ridge during late September. The slitted iris, or “cat’s eye,” indicates that it is one of two venomous snakes found in the region.

Snakes prepare for the winter

As October and cooler weather arrives, plants and animals in our region are preparing for the coming winter. Leaves are changing color and dropping off the trees, and birds are flying southward. One animal that can’t fly south though, is the snake. Snakes are cold-blooded, or heterothermic, so they cannot regulate their body temperature except by moving to warmer or colder places. Snakes cannot survive cold temperatures, so they have to hibernate.

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EnviroFest celebrates heroes of conservation

MILFORD, PA—The Black Bear Film Festival’s (BBFF) free EnviroFest will be held at Grey Towers National Historic Site ( ) on Sunday, October 18.

It is co-sponsored by the Grey Towers Heritage Association ( ), and supports innovative and independent films while recognizing Pike County’s history as the birthplace of the American conservation movement.

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Start a career as a Waterways Conservation Officer

HARRISBURG, PA—The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is looking for individuals interested in a career as a Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO). Applications for WCO Trainee positions will be accepted between October 7 and November 18. All written testing must be completed with the Civil Service Commission by December 29.

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