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Now that I call my house on the river home, I’m beginning to see what some locals have against weekenders. What nerve! Do they think our lives go into suspended animation from Monday to Friday?

“Would it be too much trouble to drive me to the bus on Monday morning,” they inquire? Sure, it just means a 50-mile round-trip to the least appealing destination in the county and a guaranteed need for a car wash after driving through umpteen road construction sites. I’ll be home by noon. Oh, you want to take the 1:00 bus? Don’t these people have real jobs?

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Artistic expression: a weekend of wow

The Catskill Art Society (48 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY) continues to impress with its newest exhibition, “Body Chronicles,” currently running through November 15. Showcasing the work of Valerie Hallier and Joni Wehrli, the gallery hosted a reception on Saturday, October 3 to kick off the new show, and throngs of art enthusiasts were on hand for the event, which began with an artists’ talk.

It’s interesting to have the artists themselves on hand to answer questions and explain their process, but the gallery’s presentation is always consistent in its wide array of installations that speak for themselves, even if the creator is not available to personally describe what makes them tick.

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9/12 to G-20 to…

Whenever I hear someone, whether on the right or left, say, “We have to overthrow the government!” I have to ask: just which “government” are you talking about, anyway?

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