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TRR photo by Scott Rando
A turkey vulture soars over a ridge top. The flight feathers on the wing are a lighter grey color.

Turkey vultures: nature’s cleanup crew

Because the Upper Delaware River valley is prime eagle-viewing territory, when people see a large raptor flying in the distance, they might say “Look, there’s an eagle.” However, if the “eagle” flies with dihedral or “v” wings and seems a little unsteady in the wind, it will probably turn out to be a turkey vulture.

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Recollections of 2007

Well, here we are back in Texas. Our fishing experiences from April to October were uneven, to say the least. Prior to leaving Texas, I had the pleasure of playing the part of a fishing guide. My “sport” was a ten-year-old, enthusiastic, neophyte fly fisher named Catherine Leffert.

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Local food to be available year round

COCHECTON, NY—River Brook Farm, located off Route 97 mid-way between Narrowsburg and Callicoon, will remain open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturdays and Sundays until January 1. After that, they will remain open the same hours every Saturday through the remainder of the winter.

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