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Chris Hackett to oppose Chris Carney for Congress

a year from now


HONESDALE, PA — Conservative businessman Chris Hackett stood with former Pennsylvania State Representative Jerry Birmelin on the steps of the Wayne County Courthouse and held a press conference.

Hackett announced that he will oppose Congressman Chris Carney, who is serving his first term in the House of Representatives for the 10th Congressional District. Birmelin will assist Hackett in his campaign.

Carney, who is in his first year in office, must run again in 2008. The term for House members is only two years. Hackett, a businessman from Dallas, expressed the importance of the party line in his decision to seek public office.

“The Republican Party must fight the dire predictions that it will lose the White House, Senate and House of Representatives in the 2008 election,” Hackett said. “If this happens, everything that the Republican Party stands for will be in jeopardy. We have no idea in what direction the Democrats will lead us.”

Hackett said he visited the Republican National Committee Headquarters in Washington, DC two weeks ago and was told by the Republican leadership that, if the Republicans wish to win back the Congress and retain the command of the White House, the party must win in districts like the 10th.“This district and many like it will be the battleground for opposing the liberal Democratic Party,” he said.

Hackett said he was concerned that under the Democrats, marriage and family values were being attacked, and that he had to run to join in the fight against these trends.

“Another big reason I’m running is to stop the practice of earmark spending that exists in Congress at every level,” he said. “This is something that I will oppose if elected.”

Hackett said he was appalled by the administration’s seeming indifference to the problem of illegal immigration. “Granting amnesty is wrong,” he said. “It was tried in the past and didn’t work.”

Hackett warned that the Democrats’ effort to grant universal health care was another form of socialized medicine. “In Congress, I will target how to fix the health-care situation with market reforms that can drive the cost down,” he said.

On the Iraq War, he said, “We have a moral obligation to do the best we can with the situation we have. We are fighting a war of ideology like we did against Communism. These people are out to kill us. We are fundamentally different from them. They will not stop until they have destroyed us.”

Hackett also made an erroneous statement that Carney supported abortion.

“As a Roman Catholic father of five, Congressman Carney does not favor abortion,” said Rebecca Gale, press representative for Carney.

TRR photo by Tom Kane
Republican Chris Hackett holds a press conference in Honesdale. (Click for larger version)