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TRR photo by Richard A. Ross
A division repeat playoff champion Cooper Paint: Rocky Irwin, front left, Charish Priest, Pat Shuart, second row left, Erin Shuart, Lori Brown, Amanda Cox, Natalie Cillis, back left, Jackie Litwak, Leyna Madison, Ally McCarthy, Amanda Irwin and Val Fersch. Denise VanKeuren and Kate Yaun are missing from the photo.


High-gloss finish

Cooper Paint captures its second straight A Division playoff crown with uncanny hitting against Klein and Sons Logging


SWAN LAKE, NY - You can call Cooper Paint a dynasty now. They deserve that acclaim and other superlatives as well, following their football-like scoring in this year’s A Division playoffs that culminated with a 22-12 title-clinching win over Klein and Sons Logging on August 14.

The victory gave the ladies, sporting tie-dyed jerseys, back-to-back playoff crowns and capped off a banner year that witnessed their third consecutive capture of the regular-season title.

Five trophies out of a possible six in three years. Not too shabby.

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Monticello Men’s Softball League Championship

A perfect fit


MONTICELLO, NY - For an immensely talented, up-and-coming team like All Ways Taxi, the future looks bright. Some observers believe they may be the team to finally end the Fitness Factory dynasty. Mike Greco, league commissioner and manager of the Sullivan Sports Bulldogs, had hoped it would be his team that would end the juggernaut.

But not this year.

Fitness Factory’s’ stranglehold on the Monticello Men’s Softball League was extended on August 20 as the reigning champs defeated All Ways Taxi by winning game two 13-7, following its 7-5 win in game one on August 17.

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Monticello Men’s Softball Championship Game One

Fitness Factory rides ‘Jay day’ and true grit in game one


MONTICELLO, NY - During the Brooklyn Dodgers’ painful World Series losses to the New York Yankees that saw Brooklyn’s best fall to the Dodgers four times from 1947 to 1953, the headlines in the Brooklyn Eagle would always read, “Wait Till Next Year.”

That year finally arrived in 1955 when the Dodgers overcame the Yankees’ mystique to win its only championship in the Borough of Brooklyn, giving their adoring and loyal fans something they will always remember.

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