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Now or never

When I was asked to write the new sustainability column for this newspaper, my first reaction was, “Why me?” I am not an organic farmer, a climate-change specialist or a vegan macrobiotic who won’t wear leather shoes. I’m kind of, well, normal. I am, at best, a lazy recycler. I shop at WalMart on occasion. Only some of the food in my pantry is organic, and I water my plants with MiracleGro. But I had another, equally strong reaction—a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. Finally, I could do something, however modest, to help preserve the natural world in which we all live, a world that is increasingly at risk in so many ways.

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From the ground up: a fable

So, some well-meaning friends wrote to one of those makeover shows—no, not that one where they give you that temporary facelift and a new wig and different teeth and move you to a different town and let you try on a whole new identity for a week or two. I mean one of the ones where they show up one day with a couple of trucks and a fork lift, and tell you they’re going to reconstruct your house.

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Week 3

It’s interesting the way that time passes when you are intensely working on one single project. I have spent the last three weeks in Connecticut working on a low-budget feature. I know and have worked with 90 percent of the crew, and even before we started there was a sense of camaraderie. The production staff basically eats, works and sleeps on one floor of a dorm room-complete with one bathroom and a sign on the door that flips “Girls/Boys inside.”

The first six days felt like they would never end and every little thing was a struggle. I didn’t know if I would be able to stay or not?a prior commitment loomed in the distance. I worked it out and by Week 2, we found our stride as a crew.

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