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Master plan for recreation is needed for Wayne County


HONESDALE, PA - There’s funding available for the development of recreational programs from the state, and Wayne County Commissioners want some of it.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has a grant program for the development of a master plan for recreation in counties?50 percent from the state and 50 percent from the county. The state will contribute $15,000 and the county will provide the other $15,000.

In Wayne County, the master plan would concentrate on the county farm in Berlin Township.

“We’ve appointed Mike Wood of Woodland Designs to develop the master plan so we can go use the property we own in Berlin Township more intelligently and go after further funding when it’s available,” said the chairman of the Wayne County Commissioners, Tony Herzog.

The property, which is on Farm Road a few miles from Indian Orchard, has a county home for boys and several athletic fields. The north end of the property houses the recycling center on Route 652.

“We are asking that a steering committee be appointed so we can develop a master plan that would provide a guide for further recreational needs of the county,” Wood said to the commissioners at their meeting on August 9. The steering committee, which will be made up of residents and business people in the county, would have the responsibility to advise the county on what types of recreation they see as needed, Wood said.

The aim of the project is to develop the current 150-acre county farm site into future programs to serve residents.

“There’s a lot of space there for new development,” Wood said.

The master plan would give the county an advantage over other counties in getting funds from DCNR.

“DCNR wants to see that there is a good plan and that money won’t be wasted,” Wood said. Wood, who is a landscape architect, must complete the plan in 18 months.

The steering committee will meet in a week or two to begin the process, Wood said. At least two public hearings will be held after the plan has been developed, he said.

TRR photo by Tom Kane
A county-owned farm in Berlin Township has space for several recreational programs. (Click for larger version)