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On the set

[Editor’s note: this is a conversation transcribed when I called Zac and asked him about his column.]

Ed.: How’s it going?

Zac: Ahh, okay. Working on a movie right in Connecticut right now. Standing in the middle of a set, an earpiece chattering in my ear. It’s pretty stressful. How are you?

Ed.: I’m fine. I was just calling to see if you were going to send your column.

Zac: Is it Tuesday?

Ed.: Yep.

Zac: Absolutely not. I’m on this movie, and I don’t know if I going to stay or leave. I was only supposed to be on this job for a week but my replacement backed out a day ago. Today is either going to be my last day, or it may go on for another month. But I’m supposed to be in New York tomorrow to get back to work on the Candy Darling documentary.

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Still endangered?

As I worked on another injured bald eagle at the Delaware Valley Raptor Center (DVRC) this past July, I felt both blessed and cursed. Blessed because I have had the rare good fortune of working with eagles, and after 28 years of caring for birds of prey, that first sight of an eagle still makes my heart beat a little faster and my breath catch. Cursed because the eagles I see, more often than not, are in critical condition, many bleeding, emaciated and unable to stand.

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