TRR photo by Sandy Long
Camouflage is one of nature’s best survival tricks, along with a defensive tactic called the “hider strategy,” where young animals remain motionless and hide in surrounding cover. Can you see the rabbit nestled into the brush in this photo?

Babes in the woods best left alone

As spring arrives, activity increases for wildlife living in the Upper Delaware region. Many of us also heed the hard-to-resist temptation of balmy days as we hike and bike through the region’s forests and fields. All this outdoor activity means more potential encounters between humans and wildlife.

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One mighty expensive tomato

While waiting for the last of the snow to melt, and for the soil to dry and to warm enough to plant the first seeds of spring, what’s a gardener to do? I suppose it would be a fine and noble thing to spend some time sorting through tools, cleaning and sharpening those that remain useful and repairing or replacing those that are not. It may even suit some to paint the handles of favorite tools a bright color so they can be easily found. Unfortunately, one can only make those chores last so long, and when one finally has to admit that all of one’s tools are in top condition, and the garden shed is spotless and organized, there’s still plenty of early spring left. It was at that point (well, before that point for me; I readily admit that my garden shed is never spotless) that I came across a new book at the library that took my mind off of the chill and mud—at least for a little while.

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