TRR photo by Scott Rando
Green-winged teals, like these seen along the Delaware, are one of the many species on the move during the spring. These dabbling ducks are likely on their way to northern New York or Canada.

Critters on the move

With the sometimes tumultuous weather of spring comes a signal to wildlife to prepare for the warmer weather which, for most fauna, is breeding time. As I write this, there is still over a foot of snow on the ground from the last snowstorm. Yet flocks of geese can be heard high overhead heading north, and species such as the green-winged teal, a duck species not seen all winter, can be spotted along the river as they travel through the region. Eagles, at least the migrants, are winging their way to summer breeding grounds, and the region’s resident eagles have laid eggs that will hatch in April.

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It’s showtime

Wulff, Trump Jr. and van Put to deliver the first cast at Junction Pool on opening day

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY—The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, in cooperation with the Roscoe (Trout Town USA), NY Chamber of Commerce, will host this year’s Opening Day of Trout Season and First Cast, at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 1.

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Winter’s curtain call…


NARROWSBURG, NY—Swelled by rain and melting snow in mid-March, the Upper Delaware River rafted gigantic blocks of river ice onto a boat access just above the Narrowsburg Bridge and dumped them there—where, on March 24, they still resembled an immense boulder field.

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