TRR photo by Sandy Long
These prickly globes, found along the banks of the Delaware River in Narrowsburg, NY, are the faded fruits of wild cucumber, otherwise known as balsam apple.

Wild Cucumber

At first glance, the thicket-laden banks of regional waterways appear to be chaotic zones of undecipherable growth. But from the perspective of the naturalist, such areas are rich troves of tangled treasures, providing food and shelter for many species of birds and other creatures.

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Guided eagle-watching excursions

REGION—The Eagle Institute will offer weekly guided excursions to assist eagle watchers every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in January and February. The guided excursions are intended to decrease vehicular traffic to the popular eagle viewing locations and to share eagle etiquette information so that eagle watching is done in the safest and least intrusive manner.

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We tossed from the car with intention in tow,

took two steps across the melting snow

and startled one with small glassy eyes,

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