TRR photo by sandy Long
The milkweed pod is a stubbly purse bulging with riches of feathery seeds that will sail on wind currents after the podís skin splits.

Magnificent milkweed

That shriveled husk of gnarly-looking stuff, twisted and spent along roadways and in fields throughout our region, is really the beautiful, if sere, culmination of the common milkweed’s life cycle.

During the fullness of summer, milkweed is an attractive and fragrant plant sporting clusters of pink or purple flowers. The stalky green plant ranges from two to six feet in height.

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Call to artists for EagleFest

NARROWSBURG, NY—This year’s EagleFest, scheduled for Saturday, January 13, 2007, will be expanded to include a Nature and Wildlife Art Show. The show is open to all nature and wildlife artists. The subject matter is to include all nature subjects: landscapes, flora and fauna. Registration deadline is December 15.

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Check your oil tanks

Help keep the environment healthy and your pocketbook full

WILKES-BARRE, PA—With colder weather here, homeowners should take care to save money and resources by inspecting indoor and outdoor home heating oil tanks for potential problems prior to re-filling.

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