My life as a private eye

I wanted to be a private eye when I was younger; I dreamed of a life in black and white and people coming to me to solve their problems.

I would befriend sobbing dames, who wandered into my office out of the rain with newspapers over their head. I’d establish a friendly rivalry with the local police chief, who would always be a few steps behind me. My name would be stenciled on the door to my office and I would spend the day staring at the mirror image of it.

He walked into my office out of the rain and shook his umbrella, dripping water everywhere. I followed the wet Converse footprints he left on the floor with my eyes as he plopped down in a chair, tossed his jacket over the back and cocked his head.

“Can I help you?” I asked. He had no appointment.

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The Harmony Project—a quiet revolution


Natural beauty, people, opportunity, and new experiences were the attractions that brought us to Northeastern Pennsylvania more than 30 years ago. They are the attributes that continue to endear us to this area.

This beautiful place we call home gave my family and me the opportunity to literally create a home that embraces the beautiful setting in which we live. This is an opportunity that would not have been possible in another location, but this vision was fulfilled here. We took great care in respecting the countryside when planning every aspect of this project. Part of our landscaping is the Christmas trees we celebrate with and then plant in the spring.

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