My special place forever

Last week I was sitting in my office when one of my colleagues mentioned that the Catskill Game Farm was closing its doors for the last time in October. There was a gasp from everyone in that office when the news was read out loud. From the oldest to the youngest, there wasn’t one person whose childhood memories didn’t include at least one trip to the Catskill Game Farm.

I wasn’t around in 1933 when they opened their doors. Petting zoos were a big thing back in the era of the big Catskill hotels. The Catskill Game Farm, which was family owned, was one park that you just thought would last forever.

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Spreek je Engels?

Behind the bookcase is a secret door. It leads to the “annex.” The bookcase is like a time warp. I have to duck and almost crawl through the entrance. I am transported back to a time that is not pleasant to remember. Even now, I can feel the weight in the air, almost as if the spirits of the people hiding are still here. If I tread too heavily or speak too loudly, they will be discovered.

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A community of communities


“Where are we, anyway?”

Rain was threatening that Thursday afternoon a few weeks ago. As a volunteer with the Wayne County Creative Arts Council, I was directing visitors from Honesdale’s Central Park to Lakeside Elementary School, where that evening’s Summer Festival of Events concert had been moved due to the weather. Two couples had come up in an SUV from New Jersey to explore the area for the weekend, and had pulled up to the park to find out what was going on. They asked great questions, and the resulting conversation gave me a wonderful opportunity to reflect on some of the unique qualities of our region.

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