This approaching summer is filled equally with anticipation and uncertainty.

The anticipation is of all that we love about summerólike the flowing river that winds through our valley, morphing from a lazy green pool at the Big Eddy in Narrowsburg, to a galloping race of clear water in the stretch near Barryville known as Staircase Rapids.

But uncertainties crowd this too-short season like an overfilled canoe, threatening to tip it with any ounce of extra baggage or unexpected passenger arrival. Mine is a family that relies on its real estate to fund its leisure time, so we give up our most lucrative digs for the most beautiful ones, if we can.

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You might have heard there’s a new Tom Hanks movie coming out. The hype behind the release of the movie version of “The Da Vinci Code” is the latest manifestation of a widespread and long-lasting fascination with conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Somewhere, somehow, these theories hold, there is some hidden cabal of folks, shrouded in deliberate obscurity, who not only know what’s really going on, but actively manipulate and orchestrate events in ways that put us mere mortals (except maybe wedding planners) to shame.

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