Editor's pick: Multi-media exhibit

Country life from another perspective

Saturday, May 27 through Saturday, June 17; artists’ reception Saturday, May 27 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Free. Jerico Fine Arts, Callicoon, NY. 845/887-5990.

A solo exhibit by fine art photographer and digital filmmaker, Lahary Pittman, will open this weekend at Jerico Fine Arts. The multi-media show, themed “Countryside,” will contain 25 archival-quality photographs including modern large-format prints, plus a video art study and drawings of the forces of nature found along the Upper Delaware River.

The video is a visual diary of images and events of country life ordinarily taken for granted, offered back to us with a dramatic twist. A pair of bees struggle against intense mountain winds to harvest pollen; rain, shadows and foliage are given impressionistic and expressionistic renditions; man and nature are juxtaposed as a grasshopper stands on a remote control; electric fans blow at a red chair on the grass.

One of Pittman’s specialties is portraits of animals, especially horses, that challenge our perspective: in Pitt-man’s portraits the horses and cows are often watching us from the exhibit, rather than the other way around, evoking the sense that mankind is being scrutinized by nature.

A native of Kansas City and a resident of Callicoon, Manhattan and the Poconos, Pittman has had his work screened internationally in Marseille, Rotterdam, Britain and domestically. Photographs from his “Provencal” series were selected in September of 2005 for national publication in “Art Business News,” which featured the Salvador Dali museum exhibit on the cover.

Photo by Lahary Pittman
In the animal portraits of Lahary Pittman, which will be on display at Jerico Fine Arts gallery in Callicoon, it sometimes seems that it is the viewer, not the subject of the portrait, who is under scrutiny. (Click for larger version)