Lackawaxen ponders new plan


LACKAWAXEN, PA — The Lackawaxen Board of Supervisors turned the first page in preparations for an update of the township’s 1995 comprehensive plan on April 20.

Supervisors Chair Brian Stuart introduced David Gilmour of Chazen Associates, a 58-year-old Hudson Valley-based engineering and planning firm with four offices between Newburgh and Glens Falls, NY. Stuart said he had done an extensive search and contacted Chazen because he didn’t want “strictly a governmental planner.

“The area is growing and it is difficult to strike a realistic balance between economic development and the environment. We know that,” Stuart said.

“I wanted someone who has dealt with a cross-section, institutional and private as well. Chazen brings a level of expertise and you can’t put a price on messing up tomorrow,” Stuart said.

In fact, there was no discussion of price as Gilmour said the township needed to decide how much they wanted done in the way of public input, surveys and statistical analysis.

With the county’s comprehensive planning effort ongoing, Gilmour suggested that Pike’s 2004 resident survey, which heavily favored environmental protection in its results, could be used by the township.

But Stuart felt that “not many people from Lackawaxen took part in the survey.”

On a township survey level, “the locals would take more interest,” Solicitor Jay Rose suggested.

Ideally, the township should have completed the update by the end of the year, but Stuart did not see the timeframe as a hard deadline. However, the supervisors were interested in Chazen’s plans for finding grant money to support the project.

“Get some numbers together and some funding sources,” Rose directed Gilmour.

In unrelated business last Wednesday, the supervisors approved a letter endorsing, but not indemnifying, the Greeley Fire Department’s $59,000 purchase of 1982 pumper-tanker. Their action made the loan’s interest tax-exempt, which allowed the bank loan to be issued at a one-percent-lower interest rate.

The supervisors also heard a presentation from U.S. Postal Service, which is seeking property or a different building in which to relocate its Lackawaxen office.

For more information on the post office, call Michael New at 336/665-2800.