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Woodstock Preservation Alliance is born

BETHEL -- A group seeking to protect the original Woodstock Concert site is reorganizing and has held elections.

A "cyber election" was held via e-mail ballot on Tuesday, October 3 through the MuthaTheresa.Com Woodstock website. The newly formed group, with current membership of 74, elected Ed Watson, Peg (Hippiechic) Beischer, Marcy Hill, Carolyn (Wydflower) Madsen and Frank (Gerch) Gerchman from a nominated field of seven. In an attached referendum, the new name, the Woodstock Preservation Alliance (WPA), was also selected by the membership.

The primary purpose of the Woodstock Preservation Alliance is to preserve the original Woodstock concert site in it's unspoiled and undeveloped condition, and return free public access and assembly to the 37.5-acre parcel.

The WPA advocates a unified, moderate approach to these goals. The hope is that, through discussion, Owner Alan Gerry will choose to build the State funded $40 Million Woodstock Performing Arts Center (PAC) on a site within his adjoining 1400 acres, allowing the natural amphitheatre to remain for public use. Failing that, WPA intends to continue with a program of public pressure through petitioning, letter writing, attending local political meetings and activism. Additionally, the group is actively seeking celebrity endorsement.

The WPA is an independent national organization, with most membership residing in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area. The WPA is not affiliated with The Woodstock Nation Foundation, Yasgur Road Productions, The Bethel Foundation, The Gerry Foundation, Woodstock Ventures or any other group.

The group plans to meet again at Roy Howard's Yasgur Road farm (formerly the Max Yasgur homestead) in Bethel on October 14.

The group is constructing an independent website. Currently, more information is available at www.muthatheresa.com/news.htm.

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