What a week

It's been a long week. And when I say that, I'm not referring to a Monday through Friday deal, but rather from last Wednesday to this Wednesday. 

On the schedule? Well, there was an early paper for Thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws, hunting for that elusive 125-gallon fish tank... switching all the fish tanks out when I finally got that big one home, prepping for Friendsgiving, cooking for twenty or so people, cleaning up, and then making it into the woods on Monday to hunt. 

It wasn't that I didn't want to, or didn't have time to squeeze in a blog post. Heck, the amount of time I spent in lines trying to get that fish tank on Black Friday would have made a great post. The hard part is posting from mobile. I can't lug a laptop with me everywhere, and it's hard to post from a cell phone with the interface we have. I had plenty of time to post while I sat in my hunting stand on Monday as well. 


And, it really isn't the problem of typing in notepad and then opening a browser window and posting what I typed. It's more the photos. And this post is more than half visual. I think you'll get more out of reading the captions that go with the photos, than me just blindly explaining my week in detail.  I'm sitting here right now, typing this, and wondering just how I add captions to the photos I've already uploaded. This blogging thing isn't always as easy as it seems. A quick check with a few co-workers and it seems we've found another bug in the site. Well, at least my blogging is worth SOMETHING. 


A short break to fix those errors with a developer, and now I can finish what I started this morning. Namely, this post. I've now narrated my pictures to give you a sense of my activities this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that the photos all show up correctly. If not, just tilt your head (or screen) to help you see!


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