What are you doing?

Generally speaking, I spend 40 (plus) hours each week sitting in a corner. Staring at a monintor larger than most peoples televisions.

My desk is a mess of paperwork, and I have enough file explorer windows open to get lost in. InDesign is open, along with Photoshop and Illustrator. All the tools I need to put together the newspaper that gets read on both sides of the river. Admittedly, my desk is a mess.... however, it has to be while I'm working. Story lists, advertising orders, circulation numbers... I need them all to make it happen. So, when I get the chance on a Thursday to grab my camera and head outside, I do it without hesitation.

Sometimes it's just a quick photo of a flower growing in the front. Other times I find myself in sub-zero temps chasing a swan up the Delaware River. More often than not, people give me curious looks as they watch me move with my camera in hand. Many times, what I'm trying to photograph isn't noticed by other people. (Hence the odd looks.) After the look, people will ask me, "What are you doing?"  I just shrug, and smile and continue on my way.

I don't save all the photos I take, but yet I have amassed over 4TB of photos on a drive I keep. I shoot my photos in raw. So, they take up a bit more space than your normal cell phone photo. Still... I'm estimating around 200,000 photos on this drive. I'll need to get another drive soon.

From a snapping turtle on the bank to Kid Rock on stage, I've photographed a lot of things.

You've probably seen many of the photos I've taken too. I use them in ads, in the hunting magazine and they run on the front page of the paper.

You'll get to see more of them that don't print right here... as long as I take the time each week to get outside and take a photo.

So, if you see me stalking along a river bank, or down the side of the road, take another look. You might just see what my next photo will be.




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