Nothing to say

Ok... so picture this. I've been dragging my feet writing a blog. I finally get through 3/4 of it. Said some funny things... and when I hit save... POOF. GONE. NOTHING. buh bye.

It's not in the system under drafts, there's no recovery file. It was like the past 45 minutes just flew off into space. If you were in the office for the string of curses that flew from my lips, you most likely would have blushed.

I've always been an advocate of save early, save often. Hell, I say it so much that I have Liz saying it whenever the weather acts up. So, even though I tried to save... today it bit me in the ass. (Commence internal dialogue... Can I say that word here? I mean, it's literally just a word. And it's not even the most offensive one that pops into my head at any given time. I could have said something a ton worse right? Should I go back and edit this out? ehhh... f it. I'll leave it in.)

So, now I'm writing this again. It's completely different. The only things I remember from my previous ramblings are:

1. I was stalling and cleaning up my desk while I tried to extract the words I needed to put on screen.

2. It was witty. No, really. It was. I poked fun at myself quite a bit. I made myself laugh. (Your laugh would not have been guaranteed.)

3. I applauded all 23 of you who keep coming back to read my blog. I then invited you all out to the bar with me. Seriously. I'd like to know just what makes you read this. Is it my wit, sarcasm? Internal messy dialogues while I type? Or is it the photos?

And... that's about all I can remember from before.

It probably has to do with the fact that instead of it being 10:30 a.m., its now 1:30 p.m. I've been bouncing from project to project... and quite frankly, I forgot I was even writing. (At least this time when I hit save, it saved.)

So, now what to write?

I shouldn't have gotten this close, but the photo was worth it.

Have you noticed any newborn fawns in your travels? Or maybe all the snapping turtles that have been trying to cross the road. (I think they're just as confused as the chicken is. Get it? Cross the road... nevermind... :p )

Anyhow... I'm headed out in a little while to go to Mountain Jam at Bethel Woods. On this lovely, brisk, FALL LIKE day. (I'm having another internal debate on whether or not I should go home and put long johns on under my pants. IN JUNE.) Should be some interesting photos to take there.

I don't have much to offer in the way of photos this week. A few from the tractor parade, and some of the Narrowsburg bridge that I took for work.

So, I'll add some of those for you to look at... because let's face it... that IS the only reason you all show up and read this each week. (Im serious about that beer thing. Or whiskey if you'd rather.Shoot me an email, message me on Instagram.)


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